The nightclub is a typology as old as cities. Night time party culture as we know it began during the first industrial rev-olution when people in cities would congregate at night to celebrate their long days coming to an end. With the coming of the second industrial revolution came the electrification of the night, and later, the invention of the endless mix - a new style and way of consuming music. The nightclub simultaneously became a celebration of this new sound as well as showcasing and celebrating cutting edge lighting and audio systems.

No Plugs situates itself in a timeline where energy does not need to be sourced from the grid. It is an attempt at artic-ulating what the next iteration of nightclubs could look like as technology and the economy enter yet another paradigm shift. The next industrial revolution will radically change our relationship with energy. Rather than consumers, we will see more and more prosumers – those that are both the producers and consumers of products. No plugs is prosumer driven. The energy for both the sound system and the lights that keep the night going are generated by the patrons of the club as they enjoy their evening. As party goers dance, energy is harvested through the vibrations they produce, and as they relax their body heat is absorbed through the club’s seats. Participation is encouraged in the generation of energy.

The nightclub has always had a connection to the past, present, and future of cities. I propose that the nightclubs of a world post-carbon form will successfully interact with the coming shifts in energy and technology, as they have done so since the beginning of urbanisation as we know it.