This projects investigates the relationship real estate has in severing domesticity from our waste disposal. The mechanism revolving around sewage disposal have evolved overtime, a once intimate encounter with the dry earth has now retreated to the blissful safehaven of the toilet and compounded our individual byproducts into a collective endorsement of the current sewage system. These invisible networks within our homes breed unconscious consumption. At the call of our mere fingertips we can summon comforts that have disproportional consequences. As Daniel Barber stated in his chapter of After comfort, we are indeed living in the era of the Comfortcene- an era defined by a global order predicated on manufactured interior consistency.

This project aspires to bring out a conscious exchange within the mechanism of the apartment block and the devices within it . Localised chains of exchange within the various programs of the house aim to capitalise on the by-products of our daily lives, - a willingness to deal with the subject matter from start to finish. The role of this new form of real estate to defer to the individual to reconcile with our fecal matter through engagement in the aftermath. Some of these exchanges being more obvious than others. For example, turning on the apartment substation which digests sludge rewards the individual with hot water via the excess heat given off by the heat exchanger in additional to providing gas and electricity assets to feed back into the house. In other cases, these systems latch onto others programs seeking to being synonymous powered up as a power cell is placed. Sitting behind the TV console is the filtration unit for Gray water produced by the house appliances - Seamlessly integrating the exchange as supplementary to lifestyle.

The idea that the luxury is not a given but something that is attainable through interaction with the system. That the home is not something that presents itself as a flawless object on real estate.com that is static but rather in constant metamorphosis in search of comfort and luxury.

The house starts off as a blank canvas that revolves around the local system, over time, the production of carbon waste start to build up in the apartment. These sacks of seemingly worth-less carbon waste are appropriated into the apartment and gradually overtime define the person-alised identity and lifestyle of the individual living there.

If only real estate agents could convince one to be content with the material accumulation of soil and converting one’s house becoming a literal carbon sink. However, it is true that that luxury is shifting away from ideas of ownership, tangible qualities and pure wealth, this project focuses on the modern individual’s agency to re-evalute necessity, comfort and luxury.