The final project addresses the site condition of the Irish Corkman Pub that was demolished from illegal actions. One of victoria’s heritage located near Lincoln Square has vanished without much appreciation for its history on site.

This project prioritises the re-build of the corkman pub as a mechanism to allow the inflow of customers to contrib-ute and appreciate for what the old Corkmans Pub was known for. The pub would only act as a secondary layer or as a exterior skin of the whole building facade, where the main apparatus of a food/anaerobic digester process would power and maintain the whole structure. The project also challenges the views towards the function of a apparatus. Rather than a system that is adjusted towards the apparatus, the apparatus is seen to adapt and revolve around the system instead in order for operation.

The building acts as a food court towards the universi-ty and central CBD area. Also providing Corkman Pub essentials that it was known for that is scaled and empha-sised in order to gain more attraction for the food waste process.