This project is about a Post carbon financial institution that is redefining the carbon emission policy. Using the new carbon trade policy to open up a border societal (se sai er tou) conversation about the long term consequences of our daily comfort. This moves away from the traditional carbon energy by changing the way to keep carbon neutral in our daily life. The individual sometimes ignores or forgets what we need to pay for the comfort lives, which became our daily normal and results in waste. Brought on by the revaluation of wastewater and bacterias was the idea that bacterias and waste can be moved into unconsciousness resulting in today’s ‘abuse and forget’ culture. 

To deal with this situation, a new energy system based on bacteria farm is been used to service this financial institution, carbon stock. This system not only powers the building but also functions as a wastewater treatment as the bacteria can purify the water and distribute it to the neighborhood.
We now deal with our waste in the style of a chemical plant located in an industrial estate outside the city, taking almost all emotion and physical involvement away. It is no longer visible in our day to day lives and is now encased in various buildings, hidden away from public view, and no longer celebrates the process of extracting its value.
In this view, the waster water is dealt with a fully exposed infrastructure in the heart of Melbourne CBD. The building reveals these abnormal infrastructures to the public, that breaks the boundary of the power production process and people’s comfortable life, a most intimate encounter between humans and power plants that challenging the traditional carbon form, and the project itself becomes a memorial that has civil education value.
As one aim of the building is to respond to the carbon offsets industry, a cryptocurrency mining room powered by bacteria farm is placed at the ground level.

The wastewater plant and bacteria farm now became another form of economy. The mining rigs in this room powered by the organic solar cell on the surface of the farm. Even though all the minging and trade activities of the cryptocurrency/ bitcoin is digital, but once you see the machines, the cooling system, and the scale of the bacteria solar cell plant, you will realize that cryptocurrency is not an intangible thing and understand how much it con-sumes and cost. And, how the system sponsor carbon offsets industry, such as plants trees… allow people to see how human being’s waste can contribute to the carbon capture and storage.

The stairs take people through the factory to the Carbon trade market, which reestablish the carbon emission policy, especially for companies. To meet their carbon cap and reduce their carbon footprint, people can trade their carbon credits in this exchange hall. As more and more financial activities move online, the exchange hall does not act like the traditional exchange hall being secure, lushly decorated. It’s more about showing how to design for uncomfortable. The tense of trade activity became even more discomfort with the mechanical noise and dizzy lighting.

This new policy aimed to find a balance between comfort and discomfort in our daily life, emphasizes the process of transformation which is necessary to respond to the multiple challenges of climate change, social equity, and economic pressures.