EFDC Pty Ltd explores the role Architecture can play in developing alternate distributed forms of energy production. Beyond solar panels what capacity could other novel forms of power generation have on the power network and what effect could alternate distributed systems have on Architecture and the cultural fabric of the city?
EFDC Pty Ltd has researched and developed speculative visions for novel power systems that offer critical perspectives on the ‘now’ and remind us of other possibilities for the future.
The EFDC Pty Ltd research team concerns themselves with Victoria's reliance on a finite and inefficient resource, the related economic exchange and the inherent POWER of power. They observed, documented and affected previously overlooked infrastructures - from the station to the switch - and explored the complex and entangled networks of distribution.

EFDC Pty Ltd also researched novel methods of power generation, of varied scale and resource.

EFDC Pty Ltd inserted alternate power generation methods within the city - the chosen site could be vacant, or EFDC Pty Ltd demolished or altered an existing building - and explored the way a novel node on an existing distribution network could disrupt or subvert the cities' architectural and infrastructural fabric.

These interventions explore actions and reactions, flows and interruptions. The speculative proposals seek out existing fractures and pressure them further in an attempt to affect, manipulate and give form, in a way that may point to a new future.
a new future.

EFDC Pty Ltd, is led by
Andre Bonnice and Jean-Marie Spencer