To start my final project I will have to first bring you back to the start of the semester and my interest towards certain topics that would relate back to my final. At the start of rthe semester I investigated coal power plant process, i breifly lookedinto what it means to be a carbon neutral office in terms of materials, how it is used and how it feels, and lastly i investigted different renerable energy systems such as algae production.

Which brings me to the next project, which was a large stepping stone to my final building. I started gaining interest towards anaerobic digestor system. The Anaerobic digestive system is inserted into an existing office building. The office becomes a container that gives way to this new system. This project focuses on the use of the waste of the orignal building, the accesibility, maintence and loading of the anaerobic tans and lastly the process of which a person experiences the building, the human follows the waste journey likebeing processed by the building. These key ideas have been brought to my final project.

As there is an influx of renewable energy it has forced many coal power plays to be abandoned. My mid semester project was an instrument that documents past and present. The focus on preservation and new use of these donor objects as a building material and the progress of a new community anerobic digestor system. Using ideas from the project with Meagan regarding the logistics of the anerobic system and the combination of using the waste material/ donor objects from coal power stations. The main critique on midsemester was how these donor objects were in use, largely unbroken and not from a specific coal power plant station in Australia.

I looked into the two specific power plant stations Morwell and hazelwood. The project becomes specific to these two power stations. A collection of infrastructure and furniture is used in the building as building material, a container for space, program, structure, façade system, stairs & furniture. Some of the items are used like for like such as the furniture and others are reappropriated due to the insertion of these objects in an office building.