This project is a critique on our current power production system and is an exploration of integrating other novel forms of energy into our lives, making each individual person responsible for contributing to the production of energy. Coal power production is foreign, our physical relationship with power production is non-existent. Hidden away in La Trobe valley are concrete giants that supply our daily energy. The government, and us individuals seem to unable to grasp the irreversible impact coal energy production has on our planet. We take resources from the depths of the earth, formed from a 300 million year process, we are unable to keep up with our demand for energy and this linear process will eventually collapse. We have become too comfortable in our own environment, delaying the consequences of this form of energy production.

In order to form a closed loop system where we can sustain ourselves and generate renewable energy, the project proposes bringing novel forms of energy, anaerobic digestion system and vibration energy system into the heart of the city. Every individual will take part in this system, we need to participate in producing energy in order to understand we have to make sacrifices, we have to become uncomfortable in exchange for comfort.

The train station exposes the system to the daily commuters at City Square station. The rushing of footsteps, the train horn, the vibrating train tracks, the rubbish from vending machines, all contribute to producing energy to supply the city. City Square train station is where energy loop begins, and where it ends. Rubbishes are collected throughout the city and brough here, it goes through the digestion plant, produces energy to be carried across the city. This confrontation of loud machinery and exposed rubbish aims to make commuters uncomfortable, our habits of overconsumption is shameful and selfish, but with this plant hopefully we can turn this discomfort into comfort of electricity.

Rubbish can now be used as a form of currency, it can be exchanged for train tickets or other goods. With this incentive combined with the convenience of a train station, the project hopes to encourage individuals to be more engaged and involved in understanding energy production, and become a concept we all finally understand and familiar with.